Shooting Inside & Outside of The Studio
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Friday, June 22, 2018
By The Studio Hampton Roads
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My favorite thing about holding a session at The Studio Hampton Roads is how versatile the space is. When you really know it, you can find a use for every room (and even the outside) for every session.

When my client contacted me about needing a headshot session that could look like a diverse modeling portfolio, I knew The Studio had everything I needed! Here is my experience using every space in and around The Studio...


Outside of The Studio

I've noticed that most people who use The Studio don't even THINK to use the outside space. This is a highly undervalued spot for photos. There is a large tree in front of The Studio that keeps part of the yard shaded no matter what time of day it is! This means you can schedule your outdoor session for any time of day and not have to worry about the harsh sun. Not to mention, my client had somewhere to easily change outfits! 

The Multimedia Suite

The Multimedia Suite creates the perfect space for backdrop photography. This means my client can have that "standard commercial studio" look in her portfolio when needed.

The Classic Suite

The Classic Suite offers great natural light with a simple background. My client really appreciates this space for adding a little something extra to her photos while making her "pop" in the headshot.

The Petite Suite

While it is a smaller space, The Petite Suite has beautiful, warm natural light at every time of day. I frequently shoot in here while it is raining and still have AMAZING light. Knowing how to angle yourself in the room will give your clients wonderful options for diverse photos.

The Luxury Suite

The new velvety headboard offered a nice, neutral gray background for my client's headshots. The room was another space flooded with natural light and no flashes were needed. 

The Stairs

Even the stairs had beautiful natural light that allowed me to add more diversity to my client's headshots! 

The Shiplap

I feel like no session at The Studio is complete without a couple shots on the shiplap wall! When my client needed a couple full body shots but I wanted to use my 85mm, I knew that The Main Suite downstairs with its beautiful shiplap wall was perfect! 

I hope this helps inspire you to use more spaces of The Studio Hampton Roads for your next session! 


— Leah Wallace

Co-Owner of The Studio Hampton Roads

Owner of Leah Ariel Photography

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