Let Kids Be Kids at The Studio Hampton Roads
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Wednesday, July 25, 2018
By The Studio Hampton Roads
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Photo sessions can be challenging for kids, so many rules: "sit still" "smile" "fix your hair" "stop picking your nose." So, when I'm planning a session for a younger child, I plan to make it a fun experience for them.  The goal isn't just to capture a perfectly posed image, but to really capture their personality. 

My tips for a successful child's portrait session? 

1. Give the child something to look forward to.
In this particular session, I had a fun color blast activity planned for the end of the session. 

2. Relax and back up. 
Take your time and keep your space so that the child can feel more comfortable and open up to the camera.

3. Laugh and keep laughing! 
Find ways to make yourself laugh, make the child life, and just keep everyone laughing! 

4. Parents are key. 
Keeping parents calm during the session will help children feel more comfortable as well. When the parent starts getting agitated, so will the child. Make sure that you let the parent know that there is plenty of time and any images you get will be beautiful. Don't let anyone stress! 

Here are some examples of my recent Comfortable & Color Blast Session..

I hope this helps inspire your next session at The Studio! 

— Leah Wallace

Co-Owner of The Studio Hampton Roads

Owner of Leah Ariel Photography

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