Juan Navedo - Navports - Boudoir Session at The Studio Hampton Roads
Tuesday, June 19, 2018
By The Studio Hampton Roads
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We so enjoyed having Juan at the studio for his session with Katie of iamkatiegoode.com 


From the Photographer: 

"The studio was immaculate upon arrival and of course I made sure to keep it that way. I was immediately blown away but how much light, from the sun, comes in through the windows. Yes, I've seen the photos of the studio on the website but they really do not do it justice. Using the space is something you truly have to experience for yourself as even a review does it no justice as well. I strongly advise to 

I loved that my client and I were the only ones there, which was a happy surprise to me as I was afraid that some space would have been shared with another photographer thus making myself and my client uncomfortable. Drinks were readily available for long sessions which was super thoughtful and an iHome which, unfortunately, I did not know how to work. However, for those that do know how to work it, it's very much needed to set the mood for the session and that is vital for studio work.

I also loved the big mirrors which were very nice as props for several photos I took not to mention that IF there wasn't enough light, strategically placed, can serve to bounce light but that would be a very last resort and something I thankfully didn't have to do because there's literally that much light coming in! It's almost heavenly.

I am definitely planning on using the studio space again for boudoir work some time soon as The Studio HR is something you'd have to experience more than once."

-Juan Navedo

To see more of Juans's amazing work visit is pages!


Juan Navedo




Client: Katie Goode



Here are a few of our favorites from the session:  


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Snappy - It really was a nice session.