The Newborn

This is a Fully Equipped Newborn Suite, created for those who wish to photograph more Newborn babies but don't have access to a designated space or necessary props to carry these kind of sessions. Well we've got you covered! This Studio has everything a Newborn photographer could have ever dreamed of and then some. Your rental will include: Posing bean bag on a custom-made frame designed to drape different backdrops (also provided), posing pillows and towels to bring baby to his/her desired position, heating blanket and space heater, a large variety of baskets, vinyl rustic floor design, knitted clothes, seasonal props, baby wraps (all kinds and colors), 30" Octagon day balanced fluorescent constant light, changing table, bathroom access and more. With all these amenities and tools, all you need to do is bring your littlest clients and enjoy your session.